Hyland Church Live On Stage

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, this Los Angeles based artist brings an emotional depth to his well crafted passion of songwriting.

After some years of playing rock guitar, writing and producing for various renowned artists, Hyland Church erupts with a beautiful debut solo album that is filled with raw acoustic guitars, lush violins, deep cellos, piano, and heartfelt lead vocals that are emotional and powerful.

His first single “Go” has gained critical praise, with a worldwide music video premiere on March 22, 2019.  

“A Beautifully Crafted Visual Depiction”  – “Go” Video – Indie Band Guru

‘A Riveting Debut Track” – “Go” – Indie Band Guru

“A collection of songs rich in honest, emotive arrangements” – Hyland Church debut album – The Ark Of Music  

“A True artist, dazzling to watch as he is resonant” – Amy Walker Actress/Artist